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Brief: Engage digital-savvy consumers

Effective messaging is short and specific. Cramming too much into one spot usually leads to disaster, but Amazon Pay offers a lot of features and benefits, and the team wants to highlight them all.

Thus, I helped Amazon develop an authentic concept that tells the entire brand story across four easily digestible vignettes.

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Solution: Four short stories that tell different sides of Pay.

Instead of trying to come up with one example of someone using all the benefits of Amazon Pay, we created several vignettes that that focus on specific aspects of Amazon Pay. We would then use pieces of each scenario to build a compelling story that could showcase the depth of Amazon Pay while keeping them entertained with the dynamic energy and diversity of the final video. The vignettes also gave us a great deal more content than a single story. Instead of having one cutdown from the 60-second spot, each vignette became a cutdown, and we are now able to leverage more footage into future projects such as the Amazon Pay Faster spot we created during the Corona Virus outbreak when we were not able to shoot.

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