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Brief: Let's make a TV Show on Social Media

Both the brand and agency wanted to make branded documentary series based on a contest that gave up and coming talent and opportunity to be mentored by greats in their respective fields.

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Solution: No Budget [Small Budget], No Problem

Working with the agency, we developed a series of concepts that would use animation, b-roll, and primary footage to tell the stories in a short yet engaging form. We also built a rapport with the documentary subjects to help us capture the content we needed. We managed to create the content that built an audience and sustained the campaign for several years – longevity few campaigns can enjoy.

Season 5: Music - Rick Ro$$, Ray Murray & Nipsey Hussle, Zaytoven

Call to Entry

Rick Ro$$, "Collaboration Makes Amazing Work"

Ray Murray, "What Defines A Producer"

Nipsey Hussle, "When You Got It, Build On It"

Call to Entry Reminder

Rick Ro$$, "Don't Put A Timeframe on Success"

Ray Murray, "Nurture Talent"

Nipsey Hussle, "Do One Thing At A Time"

Ray Murray & Fly, "Storytelling"

Ray Murray & Fly, "Jamming"

Team A Studio Collaboration

Team B Studio Collaboration

Season 4: Fashion - Ouigi Theadore

Call to Entry

Ouigi, "Early Lessons"

Ouigi, "The Ideal Mentee"

Call to Entry Reminder

Ouigi & Drue Collab Day 1

Fashion Fitting

Season Three - Film, Datari Turner, Damon Dash

Coming Soon...

Season Two - Music, Don Cannon

Coming Soon...

Season One - Fashion, Jeff Staple

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