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Brief: A walk in the park until you're upside down

For the release of a new medication that helps seizure patients, Greater Than One came to us to bring their hero illustration to life.

The agency provided us with a flat illustration of a family walking through a park. The park also included a dog walker, kids on a playground, and a jogger. We were tasked to bring the image to life, creating a natural, idyllic scene.

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Solution: Virtual Production

Instead of hand animation, we opted for a virtual production pipeline. We recreated the illustration in 3D and used motion-capture to generate the natural motions of walking, jogging, riding bikes, and playing on a swing set. Once our virtual actors were in place, we filmed the scene virtually using the same techniques we would use on real sets.

We brought to life the illustration with staggering realism while maintaining the original look and feel.

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