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Clients agree.

// Has done great work on a variety of projects for us including photoshoots, videos, and animation. //

Pilar M. Belhuemeur
Greater Than One, Partner, Executive Creative Director


// Able to render what's in his eye and offer it to your own, creating premium content from any budget or circumstance. //

JD Michaels
BBDO New York, EVP Director Creative Engineering 


// Finds a way to get the job done with the tools at hand, and just as importantly, the budget in hand. //

Stewart Krull,
Atmosphere Proximity, EVP, Executive Creative Director

// Always delivers on all projects in an extremely quick turnaround time while still producing high-quality work. //

Samantha Albright
Edelman, Vice President

Ever-evolving creative explorers

AGBK was founded by Axel Gimenez, who lives and works in BrooKlyn, New York.

An artist to the core, Axel intersects his passion for emotional expression with technology and commerce.

His story, briefly encapsulated below, empowers AGBK and drives the collaborative process between AGBK and clients.

When Axel began his journey, he moved to LA to get into the film industry but got sidetracked into music. After getting a record deal, a song on the radio and movies, music video on MTV, and touring the country, he moved on, taught himself Photoshop, and got a job and Disney. He was around a bunch of coders and thought that was cool, so he learned to program. Then left Disney and went to American Idol (when it was still the hottest thing on TV) to program interactive games for fans on the Idol website. Mid-season, he moved to NYC, taught himself After Effects, and got into advertising. He also reconnected to his first love, filmmaking, formed AGBK, and began writing, directing, and shooting social content for brands. 

AGBK's innovative approach to creative collaborations and video production enables an effortless process that exceeds all expectations.

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Axel Gimenez
Brooklyn, NY

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