Hi there. 

AGBK is the commercial studio of Axel Gimenez.

As AGBK, I engage brands with creative, strategic thinking and video production that includes live-action, animation, and now, virtual production.  

Here's an objectively interesting 42-second story to show you what I'm about:

When I began my journey, I moved to LA to get into the film industry but got sidetracked into music. After getting a record deal, a song on the radio and movies, music video on MTV, and touring the country, I moved on. I taught myself Photoshop and got a job and Disney. I was around a bunch of coders and thought that was cool, so I learned to program. Then left Disney and went to American Idol (when it was still the hottest thing on TV) to program interactive games for fans on the Idol website. Mid-season, I moved on. I moved to NYC, taught myself After Effects, and got into advertising. I also reconnected to my first love, filmmaking, and began writing, directing, and shooting social content for brands. I developed my methods of shooting small with big results.

I support agencies and collaborate directly with brands. When COVID came I evolved again. Thanks to the incredible technology of the Unreal Engine, I connect VR Vive trackers, put them on a handheld camera rig with a monitor and film virtual worlds just as if I were shooting the real world. I've begun virtual production, at my house, for a TV Spot using this game engine, and virtual rig. It's pretty amazing stuff.

The world is a fluid and interesting place and I'm looking to partner with people who expect great work, like myself.


Axel Gimenez
Brooklyn, NY

Phone: +01 310 403 8198
Email: axel@agbk.nyc


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